Guest Post at Geekmash

When i started this blog, I didn’t have intention of be know, famous or whatever, and still aren’t , but I am proud to have writing a post for another site, here it is in all its glory:

Thank you mates at Geekmash.

learningcurve eve

First post me.

Hello, this is my first post on this new adventure, I am again trying to put my tough in words, its not the first time i try to do this, I had 2 blogs once, both related to specif games, word of Warcraft and Eve Online, but both died, because life changed and I changed .This time I hope that this lasts, to have the blog for at least 1 full year, and have at least 1 comment, and at least 12 post.Why stat with massive goals if i know I might get overwhelmed like I sometimes do.

But like usual I was going carried away, and not saying anything useful, just taking away.

I play games on my PC, and have been playing games for 30 years, yes 30 years, 30 actual years, on a  multitude of different systems, of so many different  type, genres, places, alone, together, on-line, off line you name it.

So I think I can consider myself a “expert” on playing game, yes playing games, not reviewing, not technical stuff, not arts, fiction, lore, money, politics, whatever, just playing to have fun and feel my needs.

So I guess this is a blog of a  guy that plays games for 30 years, and now will talk about games.

Sounds simple.

I hope it is and I like doing this, and I hope that other might also like reading this.