Guest Post at Geekmash

When i started this blog, I didn’t have intention of be know, famous or whatever, and still aren’t , but I am proud to have writing a post for another site, here it is in all its glory:

Thank you mates at Geekmash.

learningcurve eve

Life is funny

Yesterday was the “big” day, wow tokens where finally released on European servers, I was looking forward for them, for at least one month now, since I knew of there existence, and my interest on wow revived after 2 years of absence.

So I was planing of going back, do still that I still didn’t do, like go to level 90, see Pandaria, level my Warlock, make more gold again, because I am also a small relaxed gold maker and try to finally level up the one profession I always wanted but never was able to, because something  always come up  and prevented me to do it.

So at 15:00 GMT the tokens where released, and the Token rush was on, and what was I doing ?

Playing another game …

Its called 7 days to Die, that I got from a friend from my Corp in Eve Online, the first game that someone ever offer me . =)

Its a zombie apocalypses survival game, but with a very huge and complete crafting system, its still in Alpha and in Steam early release but it looks promising, I usually don’t play this sort of games, but what got me into it its actually be playing with some friends, in a coop fashion, we need each other to survive. It’s a very new concept to me, and I am enjoying  it so far.

So guess what wow tokens, maybe next week or next weekend , see ya soon.

Current state of mind

I found myself this past 6 or 5 days, logging in less in Eve Online and more in other games,  like Word of Warcraft, Cities:Skyline, Metal Gear Revengeance, and Fallout 3.

The reason is now during this war time, I miss most of the operations, and since I only have 1 account, I find myself with noting to do. So no other choice but to play other games. At least for now.

Cities: Skyline is a very fun to play city simulator. I only played a couple of hours, but so far I found a bunch of small stuff that I tough to myself with didnt ppl think on this before that really improves the way you play the game, like the detail for using the zone tool,you can use the fill option, or manually do it. The graphics are great lots of colors, and lots of small stuff happening at same time, even the detail of the parked cars in front of houses,  the sewage pump , the river current that takes sewage away , the ability to zoom real close to street level, and many more.

Metal Gear is a metal gear, very cool looking, confusing story, most of the times it seams its playing it self and you are just a passenger, but you have a sword that can cut almost anything in 1 million parts so its very cool.

Fallout its on a hold for now until next weekend, I have done some missions, but played to much need a a small break, really liked to find a dog companion, but didn’t like that he died so fast, its a shame .

Now Word of Warcraft it is a guilty  pleasure I am having, I stop playing in 2013, but with this new “wow Tokens” , pay in game gold for 30 days game time ( that other buy with real money then sell for in game gold ), I am considering a possible come back, I have some spare 100k+ that might give me a few months of game time, and I can make some decent gold if needed so I hope this works out for me, but I will not sink to much time on this I don’t want to go back to be consumed again by it .

And that’s mostly it, some gaming, RL sucks and why not put this in words on the web.

And if you like games, movies and podcasts the links on the right might be a good place to check , I usually go visit them daily for cool stuff .