In my steam collection, I just realized today I have 80 games, 80 fraking games, how the hell did I manage to get some many games ?

An you know what, from all of them I might only play 4-5 max, and how many I still didn’t even installed once, or played or actual finished.

And yet I still have a wish-list with so many games on it, and keep adding more and more, and fool myself its just one more, its the last one I will get.

And then I see a steam sale, and end up buying one or 2 games, and what happens ?

Oh crap I don’t want to play this games I have, that I just got 5 minutes ago, I need to get that one, the one that just got release, that costs 50 €, that I don’t have.

Yup, I think I stopped playing games, and i am hoarding as many as I can.
That is the game now,  not playing the actual games, oh no no !!!!
The game now is buying more and more, just to get more and more.

But have no fear, I still play my MMO so all is good, I don’t have much time now to buy steam games, or do I ?