Life is funny

Yesterday was the “big” day, wow tokens where finally released on European servers, I was looking forward for them, for at least one month now, since I knew of there existence, and my interest on wow revived after 2 years of absence.

So I was planing of going back, do still that I still didn’t do, like go to level 90, see Pandaria, level my Warlock, make more gold again, because I am also a small relaxed gold maker and try to finally level up the one profession I always wanted but never was able to, because something  always come up  and prevented me to do it.

So at 15:00 GMT the tokens where released, and the Token rush was on, and what was I doing ?

Playing another game …

Its called 7 days to Die, that I got from a friend from my Corp in Eve Online, the first game that someone ever offer me . =)

Its a zombie apocalypses survival game, but with a very huge and complete crafting system, its still in Alpha and in Steam early release but it looks promising, I usually don’t play this sort of games, but what got me into it its actually be playing with some friends, in a coop fashion, we need each other to survive. It’s a very new concept to me, and I am enjoying  it so far.

So guess what wow tokens, maybe next week or next weekend , see ya soon.


After you taste a MMO, games are not the same anymore, single player are still fun sure, but you start to miss  the feeling of belonging, of ongoing motion or action, the progress or achievements you make in a virtual world always moving and sometimes evolving it changes the way you think and act about games.

Besides the actual game that matters of course, there is also the other factor that makes this kind of games unique, the people you meet, they “became” part of your life, because after speaking almost every single day to a person online for years, you almost think you know him, but of course you know then on a game, and about a game, not how they feel, what they do in real life, how to they react to some situations and so on.

Its a good way to spend your time, but also a good way of spending to much time on a game, a day comes you spend more time in game then with your actual real life friends, that eventually you almost never see anymore because, they move away, marry, or are just gone you name it.So the people you meet online are actually your only friends now?

Sad isn’t it.