Just a Game ?

So this weekend I dived again on Fallout 3, Still dint finish it, but getting close maybe. I can see the Bethesda touch on it and the future Skyrim on it, but this a all other universe and play style.

I usually “play”  games acting the good guy, you know the one that ordinary people like to be, the guy that saves the day and kills the bad guys, that only kills when shoot first, you know. Yesterday something was different, maybe I was tired or bored or just decided to try something different,  so I saw this  stimpack  laying on the table that belonged to NPCs that lived there, but  because I always need a stimpack, because game and monsters and shit, I stole it, and the NPC decided “hey this guy took my stuff let me shoot him”, big mistake. Bam dead NPC, but since I had to enter the city or underground subway station , or base or home they life in, to do the mission to deliver the mail to the kid holdup there, that  killed is parents and does not know he is a vampire or not, but that’s another story right there.

I tough to myself, maybe they didn’t see me kill their friend NPC at the entry, after I  stole is shit, maybe…

Guess what happens next, if you said they didn’t notice and acted as usual like npcs do in cities, and gave me mission and chat, you are wrong, of course the first thing they did when they saw me was shoot me.

On a “normal” day I just get out of there and story ends, because killing npcs is wrong ok even on a game, but I was wanting to finish the mission because, mission, exp and letter from sister and kid was alone,  you know “good” guy and so I did what had to be done to reunite the kid with is sister, and deliver the mail.

I killed the all the npcs, all of them, all turned into bit and pieces, and I didn’t even tough about it, killed them all, looted all their stuff I could fit on my bag and delivered the mail, and reunite the kid with is sister, I hope.

Mission was successful, exp,  loot all to me , and  but I guess the npcs didn’t find it funny or lik this outcome to this story, maybe its the fallout universe getting to me, or maybe I am just pissed off,  because last week a Super mutant killed my dog named Dogmeat, and I hate cruelty to animal, even in games.

Or maybe its just a game.