Life is funny

Yesterday was the “big” day, wow tokens where finally released on European servers, I was looking forward for them, for at least one month now, since I knew of there existence, and my interest on wow revived after 2 years of absence.

So I was planing of going back, do still that I still didn’t do, like go to level 90, see Pandaria, level my Warlock, make more gold again, because I am also a small relaxed gold maker and try to finally level up the one profession I always wanted but never was able to, because something  always come up  and prevented me to do it.

So at 15:00 GMT the tokens where released, and the Token rush was on, and what was I doing ?

Playing another game …

Its called 7 days to Die, that I got from a friend from my Corp in Eve Online, the first game that someone ever offer me . =)

Its a zombie apocalypses survival game, but with a very huge and complete crafting system, its still in Alpha and in Steam early release but it looks promising, I usually don’t play this sort of games, but what got me into it its actually be playing with some friends, in a coop fashion, we need each other to survive. It’s a very new concept to me, and I am enjoying  it so far.

So guess what wow tokens, maybe next week or next weekend , see ya soon.