Games, gamer and some more games

You know that people like me and probably you like to play games. So usually if we get more games  it is always a good thing right?

That is what I tough,  until 2 days ago, when I got my 80 game on steam, and gone crazy and install World of Warcraft again, not resubed but 10 days of free game time. I think I finally are in limit. I have to many games, and so many remain to  not played even once. How the hell did this happen?

It almost looks like a burden now, “ho I have to play this, and that and…”

This is not a job, it was suppose to be my hobby, my passion, maybe its finally time to stop getting more and more games and enjoy what you have, I sometimes now don’t have a will to play anything because there are so many to choose from now.

Or finally I am getting old and grumpy who knows.

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