Second post if this works, and does not post as a page again.

Ok, so this blog is about writing something about games, but since I don’t “know” anyone on the business, who can i talk about games?

Nobody , only to myself I guess or who knows maybe someone online some day. So maybe now I wll just talk about the actual therm I like to use :


I prefer to use the therm “games” instead of “video-games”, because I grow up playing on the arcades , at  home or in a friends house and everyone called it games not video-games, I think this therm is mostly used online and TV or maybe its the therm the business uses. What do you dear reader use ?

I tried my hand on several games systems from computers, to consoles and viceversa, and end up just playing on my PC, because I think it feel my needs, especially since you can change the parts, upgrade it ,  use it not just for games, but for web, see movies, use programs for multiple purposes, or for this to communicate with other people I hope , but you can argue we have smart phones, tablets, consoles  that does the same.

And you are right in part but I finds consoles or any other system to closed to change or upgrades, and i cant use my 18 button mouse on it, and my 27 inch monitor, or play all the games i want on it, or use my headphones or even a keyboard, no matter how crappy mine is . So i guess is a personal thing, also because money and real life you know.

Noting beats greeting home say hello to the wife, and sit down on my old semi destroyed by cat chair, and power on my PC, so it heaven I guess. Now you can even see TV online so , times are good.

And just spent +300 words talking about me and my tastes, I tough it would be more, maybe next time

Bye, see you soon.

Edit: This was fast 5 second after pressing submit post I realize I could at least put some tags on it .

Edit 2 : It published as a page instead of a post, damit wordpress skillzzz.

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