1 Year has passed

Damn 1 year more or less has passed, but not much changed, still playing EVE online, and most of my steam collection, including now Stellaris.

Very fun game with amazing sound track that does not come out of my head.

But as usual eve takes 90% of all my free time, but still manage to go to my annual cinema trip to see 1 movie that was really good as expected : Cap: Civil War.

also didn’t came back to wow has expected my time with it is still over for now  and that’s it for now, maybe I write another post in 1 year who knows.


Cities Skylines or the game that is so awesome that you should play it and not just the Darn MMos.

I saw this today on twitter and oh my god, how awesome can this be https://twitter.com/Cities_PDX/status/593487126823628802 and yet I spend most of my time now still in Eve and WOW, dammit I need to continue to play this game.

But its hard to find time to play other games, when there are 2 MMos in your life at the moment, dam you MMos.

Now on a more positive note a friend that had quit Eve is Back, so cool. And today I am on a rush, to many stuff to do and very few time to do it, but keep coming here reading my stuff, really I like it.

See you soon.

P.S. Like if anyone comes here .LOL

Life is funny

Yesterday was the “big” day, wow tokens where finally released on European servers, I was looking forward for them, for at least one month now, since I knew of there existence, and my interest on wow revived after 2 years of absence.

So I was planing of going back, do still that I still didn’t do, like go to level 90, see Pandaria, level my Warlock, make more gold again, because I am also a small relaxed gold maker and try to finally level up the one profession I always wanted but never was able to, because something  always come up  and prevented me to do it.

So at 15:00 GMT the tokens where released, and the Token rush was on, and what was I doing ?

Playing another game …

Its called 7 days to Die, that I got from a friend from my Corp in Eve Online, the first game that someone ever offer me . =)

Its a zombie apocalypses survival game, but with a very huge and complete crafting system, its still in Alpha and in Steam early release but it looks promising, I usually don’t play this sort of games, but what got me into it its actually be playing with some friends, in a coop fashion, we need each other to survive. It’s a very new concept to me, and I am enjoying  it so far.

So guess what wow tokens, maybe next week or next weekend , see ya soon.

Just a Game ?

So this weekend I dived again on Fallout 3, Still dint finish it, but getting close maybe. I can see the Bethesda touch on it and the future Skyrim on it, but this a all other universe and play style.

I usually “play”  games acting the good guy, you know the one that ordinary people like to be, the guy that saves the day and kills the bad guys, that only kills when shoot first, you know. Yesterday something was different, maybe I was tired or bored or just decided to try something different,  so I saw this  stimpack  laying on the table that belonged to NPCs that lived there, but  because I always need a stimpack, because game and monsters and shit, I stole it, and the NPC decided “hey this guy took my stuff let me shoot him”, big mistake. Bam dead NPC, but since I had to enter the city or underground subway station , or base or home they life in, to do the mission to deliver the mail to the kid holdup there, that  killed is parents and does not know he is a vampire or not, but that’s another story right there.

I tough to myself, maybe they didn’t see me kill their friend NPC at the entry, after I  stole is shit, maybe…

Guess what happens next, if you said they didn’t notice and acted as usual like npcs do in cities, and gave me mission and chat, you are wrong, of course the first thing they did when they saw me was shoot me.

On a “normal” day I just get out of there and story ends, because killing npcs is wrong ok even on a game, but I was wanting to finish the mission because, mission, exp and letter from sister and kid was alone,  you know “good” guy and so I did what had to be done to reunite the kid with is sister, and deliver the mail.

I killed the all the npcs, all of them, all turned into bit and pieces, and I didn’t even tough about it, killed them all, looted all their stuff I could fit on my bag and delivered the mail, and reunite the kid with is sister, I hope.

Mission was successful, exp,  loot all to me , and  but I guess the npcs didn’t find it funny or lik this outcome to this story, maybe its the fallout universe getting to me, or maybe I am just pissed off,  because last week a Super mutant killed my dog named Dogmeat, and I hate cruelty to animal, even in games.

Or maybe its just a game.


After you taste a MMO, games are not the same anymore, single player are still fun sure, but you start to miss  the feeling of belonging, of ongoing motion or action, the progress or achievements you make in a virtual world always moving and sometimes evolving it changes the way you think and act about games.

Besides the actual game that matters of course, there is also the other factor that makes this kind of games unique, the people you meet, they “became” part of your life, because after speaking almost every single day to a person online for years, you almost think you know him, but of course you know then on a game, and about a game, not how they feel, what they do in real life, how to they react to some situations and so on.

Its a good way to spend your time, but also a good way of spending to much time on a game, a day comes you spend more time in game then with your actual real life friends, that eventually you almost never see anymore because, they move away, marry, or are just gone you name it.So the people you meet online are actually your only friends now?

Sad isn’t it.


In my steam collection, I just realized today I have 80 games, 80 fraking games, how the hell did I manage to get some many games ?

An you know what, from all of them I might only play 4-5 max, and how many I still didn’t even installed once, or played or actual finished.

And yet I still have a wish-list with so many games on it, and keep adding more and more, and fool myself its just one more, its the last one I will get.

And then I see a steam sale, and end up buying one or 2 games, and what happens ?

Oh crap I don’t want to play this games I have, that I just got 5 minutes ago, I need to get that one, the one that just got release, that costs 50 €, that I don’t have.

Yup, I think I stopped playing games, and i am hoarding as many as I can.
That is the game now,  not playing the actual games, oh no no !!!!
The game now is buying more and more, just to get more and more.

But have no fear, I still play my MMO so all is good, I don’t have much time now to buy steam games, or do I ?

Current state of mind

I found myself this past 6 or 5 days, logging in less in Eve Online and more in other games,  like Word of Warcraft, Cities:Skyline, Metal Gear Revengeance, and Fallout 3.

The reason is now during this war time, I miss most of the operations, and since I only have 1 account, I find myself with noting to do. So no other choice but to play other games. At least for now.

Cities: Skyline is a very fun to play city simulator. I only played a couple of hours, but so far I found a bunch of small stuff that I tough to myself with didnt ppl think on this before that really improves the way you play the game, like the detail for using the zone tool,you can use the fill option, or manually do it. The graphics are great lots of colors, and lots of small stuff happening at same time, even the detail of the parked cars in front of houses,  the sewage pump , the river current that takes sewage away , the ability to zoom real close to street level, and many more.

Metal Gear is a metal gear, very cool looking, confusing story, most of the times it seams its playing it self and you are just a passenger, but you have a sword that can cut almost anything in 1 million parts so its very cool.

Fallout its on a hold for now until next weekend, I have done some missions, but played to much need a a small break, really liked to find a dog companion, but didn’t like that he died so fast, its a shame .

Now Word of Warcraft it is a guilty  pleasure I am having, I stop playing in 2013, but with this new “wow Tokens” , pay in game gold for 30 days game time ( that other buy with real money then sell for in game gold ), I am considering a possible come back, I have some spare 100k+ that might give me a few months of game time, and I can make some decent gold if needed so I hope this works out for me, but I will not sink to much time on this I don’t want to go back to be consumed again by it .

And that’s mostly it, some gaming, RL sucks and why not put this in words on the web.

And if you like games, movies and podcasts the links on the right might be a good place to check , I usually go visit them daily for cool stuff .


Games, gamer and some more games

You know that people like me and probably you like to play games. So usually if we get more games  it is always a good thing right?

That is what I tough,  until 2 days ago, when I got my 80 game on steam, and gone crazy and install World of Warcraft again, not resubed but 10 days of free game time. I think I finally are in limit. I have to many games, and so many remain to  not played even once. How the hell did this happen?

It almost looks like a burden now, “ho I have to play this, and that and…”

This is not a job, it was suppose to be my hobby, my passion, maybe its finally time to stop getting more and more games and enjoy what you have, I sometimes now don’t have a will to play anything because there are so many to choose from now.

Or finally I am getting old and grumpy who knows.

Second post if this works, and does not post as a page again.

Ok, so this blog is about writing something about games, but since I don’t “know” anyone on the business, who can i talk about games?

Nobody , only to myself I guess or who knows maybe someone online some day. So maybe now I wll just talk about the actual therm I like to use :


I prefer to use the therm “games” instead of “video-games”, because I grow up playing on the arcades , at  home or in a friends house and everyone called it games not video-games, I think this therm is mostly used online and TV or maybe its the therm the business uses. What do you dear reader use ?

I tried my hand on several games systems from computers, to consoles and viceversa, and end up just playing on my PC, because I think it feel my needs, especially since you can change the parts, upgrade it ,  use it not just for games, but for web, see movies, use programs for multiple purposes, or for this to communicate with other people I hope , but you can argue we have smart phones, tablets, consoles  that does the same.

And you are right in part but I finds consoles or any other system to closed to change or upgrades, and i cant use my 18 button mouse on it, and my 27 inch monitor, or play all the games i want on it, or use my headphones or even a keyboard, no matter how crappy mine is . So i guess is a personal thing, also because money and real life you know.

Noting beats greeting home say hello to the wife, and sit down on my old semi destroyed by cat chair, and power on my PC, so it heaven I guess. Now you can even see TV online so , times are good.

And just spent +300 words talking about me and my tastes, I tough it would be more, maybe next time

Bye, see you soon.

Edit: This was fast 5 second after pressing submit post I realize I could at least put some tags on it .

Edit 2 : It published as a page instead of a post, damit wordpress skillzzz.